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About the program

Bringing scientific research to students of all backgrounds

Community service

Provide access to scientific research and mentorship for high school students underrepresented in STEM or students with socioeconomic difficulty.


Give students a taste of original research in an environment that provides them with the mentorship and resources to explore research in a variety of STEM and interdisciplinary fields.


Give students familiarity with the current scientific literature & the frontiers of modern research in their field of interest.

Personal development

Build skills in public speaking, technical writing, analytical thinking, and experimental design.

Aspiring Scholars Directed Research Program (ASDRP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit summer program that provides opportunities for high school students throughout the Bay Area, especially those who are underrepresented in STEM or who are socioeconomically disadvantaged, to conduct high-level novel scientific research. Students participate in research projects across various subjects in STEM, including chemistry, biology, computational modeling, computer science, and much more. Students publish and present their work as well.


ASDRP provides students with research mentors and over $1M worth of research equipment in our research laboratory (for more information, please see our Facilities page). Students are matched with research mentors who have experience in academia or industry in their particular field; together, they design a research project. These projects are not science experiments in which the results are known a priori, but rather are original research projects that expand current scientific knowledge. Students execute research projects, learn scientific reading and writing skills, write research papers on their results, undergo mock peer-review, publish their research papers in the ASDRP Communications online journal, and give poster presentations at the end-of-summer expo. Students additionally publish and present their work in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. We follow up with students from ASDRP to help place them into university research laboratories and industry internships in subsequent summers. The inaugural cohort of ASDRP started in summer 2018.

We invite you to read more about our facilities and program model throughout this website. You can access student research papers on the Journal page, peruse the various projects and disciplines in which students conduct research, learn more about our facilities, and more. If you are interested in ASDRP for summer 2020, as a student, mentor, or sponsor, please see the Get Involved page.


ASDRP is a translatable model for increasing interest in, and exposure to, novel scientific research among high school students, especially those who are underrepresented in STEM. ASDRP is a program under Olive Children Foundation and is operated by Fremont STEM.

Please email us at if you have any questions.

At a glance: ASDRP 2020

Program Dates

June 14, 2020 - August 23, 2020

November 11, 2019: 

Applications for the 2020 cycle of ASDRP open.

February 8, 2020: 

Early Applications DUE at 11:59 PM PST.

Rolling admissions: apply as soon as possible

February 15, 2020:

First notifications, rolling admissions

April 11, 2020:

Final application deadline at 11:59 PM PST.

May 1, 2020:

Commitment deadline: tuition due in full

Program pre-work and pre-orientation begins online

June 14, 2020: 

ASDRP 2019 Cohort Orientation; Program Officially Begins

August 23, 2020:

2019 Fremont & East Bay STEM Expo & Research Symposium

Applications for the Summer 2020 program are open to rising 9th - 12th grade students around the Bay Area. We encourage all students, regardless of demographic and socioeconomic background, to apply.

Logistics & Details

General Questions:

Facilities & Stockroom: 

Program Cost


Each year, ASDRP awards several partial and full scholarships for students from underrepresented backgrounds to pursue STEM research. We firmly believe that finances should never be a barrier in STEM opportunities, so all applicants are encouraged to apply, and to apply specifically for financial aid where there is need. We believe keeping a minimal operational cost is consistent with the spirit and vision of ASDRP.

Additionally, students accepted in ASDRP are given the option to select specialty courses such as Machine Learning, Organic Chemistry, MatLab, etc. at no additional cost.*

*Course work in the process of being finalized. It will consist of a mixture of: online, computer-based pre-learning across a number of disciplines intrinsic to the Summer Research Program, and; concurrent, short-duration in situ coursework assembled by domain experts.

Sponsors & Community Supporters

We thank our sponsors for support to make ASDRP possible and accessible to students of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

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ASDRP Executive Board Members

University of California, Davis

Director of Operations

David Linnevers

Director of Computational Research

Chair, Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Robert Downing

Chair of the Board,

Director of Admissions

Jimmy Qian

Director of Research & Development

Chair, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Edward Njoo

Chief Editor, ASDRP Communications

Department of Biological & Life Sciences

Avery Kruger