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Research Advisors

Our advisors include research-active Fremont STEM faculty, local graduate students, recent college graduates, and community members across a variety of fields who are familiar with STEM research. Please click the advisor's name from the list below to visit their lab website.

Department Chair: Soumya Suresh

The Biology Department encompasses research in a variety of life science disciplines, including molecular & cell biology, genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, ecology, environmental science, evolution, biotechnology, and psychology.

Biological, Human, & Life Sciences

Department Chair: Edward Njoo

The Chemistry Department includes research in organic/medicinal, inorganic, physical, and biochemistry, as well as condensed matter physics, theoretical physics, and materials science and engineering.

Chemistry, Biochemistry, & Physical Science 

Department Chair: Robert A. Downing

The CS/Engineering Department includes research faculty in machine learning, data science, theoretical modeling, software/hardware engineering, quantum mechanics, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.

Computer Science and Engineering

Research Faculty


Materials and inorganic chemist interested in application of nanotechnology to water oxidation catalysis and quantum dot synthesis.

Inorganic & Physical Chemistry

Yash Johar

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Dr. McMahan holds an M.S. and Ph.D. from Rice, and has four decades of experience in industry (Hewlett-Packard) and in academia as a professor. 

Quantum Physics

Larry McMahan

Experienced organic chemist, educator, scientist, and Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University. Co-author on multiple peer-reviewed papers in biochemistry, chemical biology, and organic synthesis. 

Organic & Medicinal Chemistry

Edward Njoo

Graduate of UC San Diego, experienced experimental psychologist interested in understanding phenomena surrounding human memory.


Joshua Teso

Scott Clark is an experienced synthetic organic chemist. Research in the Clark laboratory focuses on complex molecule synthesis.

Organic Chemistry

Scott Clark

Experienced biochemist at UCSD Medicine; former scientist at UCSF who specializes in computational biochemistry & drug discovery. Oversees admissions process.

Computational Biochemistry

Harman Brah

Software engineer at Google and founder of PyKids; interested in applying Python programming to real-world applications.

Computer Science

Meenal Pant

Graduate of UCSC, and currently a materials scientists interested in electrochemical engineering for water oxidation catalysis, next-generation solar cells, and spectroscopic/instrumental analysis.

Physical & Electrochemistry

Nilai Patel

Gayathri obtained her M.Pharm at Anna University and has served as a lecturer in Inorganic & Analytical Chemistry, and in her area of expertise, medicinal biochemistry.

Medicinal Biochemistry

Gayathri Renganathan

Marine biologist with a passion for mentoring students. Studied and trained at the Scripps Institute for Oceanography in San Diego. 

Marine Biology & Oceanography

Jack Shurtz

Ms. Mikhail holds an M.S. in microbiology and has taught at the undergraduate level for several years. Her research interests focus on mycotoxin-producing fungi that cause food spoilage.


Nardeen Mikhail

Software engineer with enthusiasm for making mechanical products to improve the human quality of life. The Papano group has engineered everything from turbine blades to keyboards.

Computer Science & Engineering

Nicholas Papano

UCLA graduate, and current Stanford scientist interested  in understanding human health from the perspective of single-celled organisms using the tools of modern molecular biology.

Molecular & Cell Biology

Peter Le

Keshav is a UC Berkeley graduate and an experienced computer engineer. The Rao research group focuses on applied computer science.

Software Engineering

Keshav Rao

Robert Downing.jpg

Four decades of experience in the high-tech and data systems industry (3COM, IBM, etc.) and as a professor and instructor at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

Data Science & Macine Learning

Robert Downing

Phil Mui, Ph.D., is Senior Vice President of Technology in Salesforce, and of the Office of the CTO.  He received his S.B., M.Eng., and Ph.D. from MIT, and an M.Phil as aa Marshall Scholar at Oxford.

Computer Science

Phil Mui

Ankur Gupta.jpg

Graduate of U.C. Berkeley, current M.D. candidate at Louisville. Experienced molecular and cell biologist passionate about translational science and biomedical education.

Molecular & Cell Biology

Ankur Gupta

Ecologist and marine wildlife scientist with several years of research experience in ecology, evolution, and marine biology. 

Ecology & Evolution

Avery Kruger

Experienced biologist and scientist interested in applying the tools of genetics and molecular biology to study ecological and botanical systems.

Genetics & Environmental Studies

Soumya Suresh

Former professor, experienced geneticist and molecular biologist who specializes in CRISPR/Cas9 genetic manipulation and in microbiology.

Genetics & Bioengineering

Hiral Dantara

Experienced psychologist interested in using statistical analysis to understand risk factors and treatment options for depression in at-risk populations.

Data Science & Psychology

James Guo

Experienced statistician interested in using data analysis to understand complex systems relevant in environmental studies. 

Data Science and Ecology

Karishma Johnson

Adjunct professor at Evergreen Valley College; experienced geneticist interested in studying fungi species dispersed throughout the SF Bay Area.

Genetics, Microbiology

Prabhjeet Kaur

UC Berkeley graduate with several years experience as a software engineer at Google and Amazon. Interested in using machine learning to classify and analyze real-world problems.

Machine Learning, Software

Sam Fendell

Graduate of the American University; experienced neurobiologist with an eye for using cell biology and biotechnology to solve challenging biomedical problems.

Molecular & Cell Biology

Carly Truong

Biochemist and COMET fellow at Stanford; experienced in biomedical research utilizing applied biochemistry and molecular biology.


Kavya Tallapaka

Dr. Gandhi holds an M.S. in Biomedical Science and an M.D., and is interested in pursuing challenging topics in modern medicine through translational research in chemistry.

Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry

Kavita Gandhi

The Subramaniam research group will be using data science and computer science applied towards understanding a variety of real-world phenomena.

Data Science 

Suresh Subramaniam