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​Ankur Gupta serves as the Director of the Biomedical Science Research Cluster, and uses his expertise in molecular and cell biology to better understand the signal transduction pathways that are critical in development of and progression of cancer, including oncogene expression patterns.

Molecular & Cell Biology

Ankur Gupta


Avery M. Kruger’s lab performs research in the area of environmental biology, ecology, biodiversity, and evolution - using the tools of molecular biology and biotechnology to better understand the ecology of the Bay Area. Further, his research works on issues of environmental remediation and pollution, including attenuating chemical waste and the human environmental footprint.

Ecology, Evolution, Biodiversity

Avery Kruger

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Jimmy Qian, who also oversees Admissions at ASDRP, performs research in theoretical biology, using the tools of agent-based modeling and computer simulation to interrogate the factors relevant in tumor metastasis and cell oncology. 

Mathematical & Theoretical Biology

Jimmy Qian


The Brah lab investigates protein-ligand interactions, enzyme kinetics, and the thermodynamics of protein folding through both computational and empirical methods. The research in the Brah group is focused on issues of modern relevance in medicine from the perspective of biochemistry. 

Biochemistry & Chemical Biology

Harman Brah

Lauren Hui’s research group will be investigating the biology of lipid production and liposome storage in model organisms such as C. elegans, with applications in the molecular basis of aging and in neurodegenerative diseases.

Molecular & Cell Biology

Lauren Hui

Sancheti’s research aims to understand the molecular basis of chromosomal movement in different cell lines. Her group is also interested in looking at the function of mirror neurons in the brain and their role in an organism’s activity.

Neurobiology & Physiology

Meghal Sancheti

The Guo research group at ASDRP is interested in the psychology of depression, the effectiveness of various modern treatments to mitigate depression in certain populations, and the statistics of quantifying depression.

Psychology & Cognitive Science

James Guo

Avity Norman is a biologist of invertebrates by training, and his students work on questions of insect behavior and insecticide remediation. His research interests span behavioral biology and quorum biology of organisms and chemical sensing in insects.

Behavioral Biology

Avity Norman

Facilities & Instrumentation

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is a powerful spectroscopic method that utilizes a magnetic field to elucidate the electronic structure around individual nuclei, giving insight into absolute molecular structure

Chai Biotechnologies Thermal Cycler for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Fremont STEM is currently implementing a powerful computing cluster for running complex calculations on molecular dynamics simulations, density functional theory, and other computational methods.

High-Throughput Computing Cluster

Our UV-to-near-IR spectrometer measures light emission at various wavelengths, from 190 nm to 1050 nm. Our students and researchers use the spectrometer frequently to quantify fluorescent quantum yield or to obtain near-IR vibrational spectra.

Thunder Optics UV-near IR Emission Spectrometer

Like the Thermo Multiskan, our Dynex Opsys Microplate reader rapidly measures up to 96 samples at a time, recording UV-visible absorbance spectra or fluorescence. 

Dynex Opsys Fluorescence and Absorbance Microplate Reader

UV-visible spectrophotometers provide information about absorbance and transmittance of light in the ultraviolet to visible range at a variety of wavelengths through a given sample. We are equipped with three single-beam near-UV-visible spectrophotometers.

BioRad Electrophoresis & SDS-PAGE station

Our Multiskan FC microplate reader records absorbance or fluoresence data from up to 96 samples at once, allowing our research to utilize high-throughput screening. 

Thermo Scientific Multiskan 96-well plate Reader

The Hoefer TKO100 DNA fluorometer measures fluoresence of a sample of DNA or other biochemical material. 

Hoefer Scientific Fluorometer

The "Rotavap" removes solvent from a mixture by using a warm water bath and reduced pressure from a vacuum pump. It is heavily used by researchers who need to purify their compound from organic solvent.

Rotary Evaporator