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Physiology & Neurobiology

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Meghal Sancheti received her B.Sc. from the University of California, Davis in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior. She was born and brought up in India and moved to California in high school as a junior to pursue medical school.

I have always been very curious about how the human body works and how molecular components in the cell can affect the macroscopic functioning of the body. In college, I worked with the Burgess Lab to research the protein Lrmp in zebrafish and how that effects homologous chromosome pairing and transportation. This research is extremely special to me because I was able to not only learn very new techniques to carry out research, but also view disease and medicine in a completely new sense. My current research interests are the molecular basis of chromosome movement and how that affects the normal function of a variety of cells in the body. I am also interested in looking at the function of mirror neurons in the brain and to what extent it promotes /demotes an organism’s activity. This topic is closer to what I have majored in college and I hope to be able to quantify observational learning in organisms as well as understand how emotion is demonstrated at the molecular level through action/non-actions of the said organism.

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Meghal Sancheti

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Cell Biology

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Biology of Behavior

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Cell Physiology

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