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The Center for Advanced Study (CAS) helps talented, gifted, and elite high school students reach their full intellectual and academic potential.

CAS is comprised of the following entities:

  • Frontiers Research Program: An advanced, school-year research program for motivated and sharp students. Focused intensely on producing publications (in high school peer-reviewed journals, or in the professional peer-reviewed literature), and on producing promising science fair competition entries at regional, state, national, or international competitions. Applications are due on September 6 at midnight. Apply online here.

  • Competitive STEM Program: Advanced coaching and training for talented students in competitive math, science, and computing. Designed to produce national and international winners.

  • Science Olympiad Sponsorship: Pro bono coaching of Mission San Jose High School’s elite Science Olympiad team.

Dedicated, driven, and talented students are admitted to CAS through a selective admissions process. These students receive outstanding training and hands-on experience. Through CAS, they strengthen their college applications and become well-positioned to gain admission to the very best universities.

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CAS is a subsidiary of Olive Children Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It is operated by Fremont STEM. Mr. Nishit Vasavada is the director of CAS.

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