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The Competitive STEM Program at CAS provides advanced coaching and training for talented students in competitive math, science, and computing. It is designed to produce national and international winners. Doing well in STEM competitions is a strong predictor of success in admission to elite colleges.


For 2019-2020, we offer coaching in Chemistry Olympiad. Click here to apply.


We anticipate offering advanced training in the National Biology Competition, USA Biology Olympiad, and USA Computing Olympiad in the coming semesters. Please sign up here for our mailing list to receive periodic updates. Please email us at with any inquiries. 


Chemistry Olympiad training details

  • Intensive, comprehensive training on all material that is covered on the Chemistry Olympiad exam

  • Designed to help students ace the exam and compete and win at the national level

  • Taught by a Stanford chemist / Science Olympiad coach / published author in chemistry education / teacher with 6+ years teaching experience

  • Students who have already taken, or are concurrently taking, 10th grade / honors / AP Chemistry are invited to apply to join the program. Students who have not, and currently are not taking chemistry, are generally unable to join the training, but may contact us for exceptions.

  • The training program is limited to 15 students.

Schedule and tuition

  • 2.5 hours per week: 1.5 hours of focused lecture, 1 hour of practice exam / problem solving session​​

    • Problem sets will be assigned and must be completed.​ At-home study is expected. If students successfully follow the curriculum, they will excel on the Chemistry Olympiad exam.

  • Sundays 6-8:30 pm at 43505 Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA

  • 22 total weeks of training: 

    • ​September 15, 2019 - ​March 1, 2020
    • The local Chemistry Olympiad competitions begin in March.

    • There will be no training on Nov 24, Dec 22, and Dec 29.

  • The program tuition is $1,300. This tuition covers all expenses; there are no other fees.


E. Njoo is a PhD student at Stanford University in the Department of Chemistry, working in a world-renowned organic chemistry lab. He has coached Science Olympiad and taught high school students for over 6 years. Mr. Njoo has authored a number of papers in biochemistry, organic chemistry, and chemistry education. He has won a number of awards for his scholarship. He holds a BS in Biochemistry from LMU. Please see here for additional details.


Applying to the program

Students must be selected to join the training program through an application-based admissions process. There is a focus on choosing students who are dedicated, driven, and talented. We want to establish an environment of serious students who want to win. We look for motivated, bright students who will learn from one another and help their peers reach for the sky.

Application deadline: Sep 13 at 11:59 pm. Admissions is rolling, so apply as early as possible. 

Access the online application HERE.

After you submit your application, CAS will contact you with a decision.

Please sign up here for our mailing list to receive periodic updates. Please email us at with any inquiries. 


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