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Biomedical Research

Research Students​ | Summer 2019

Amyloid Inhibitors of Aβ-42 Towards Developing Therapeutic Strategies for Alzheimer's Disease

Aggregation of the peptide Aβ-42 has been linked to progression of Alzheimer's disease. We are interested in natural product screening and nature-inspired synthetic compounds that inhibit aggregation of amyloid fibrils. Further, we employ various computational methods to understand the biophysical parameters behind amyloid formation. 

Structure-Activity Relationships in Small Molecule Antibiotic Compound Development

Sulfa antibiotics have been previously shown to be competitive inhibitors of dihydropteroate synthase (DHPS), which is integral in the biosynthetic pathway of folic acid in many prokaryotes. Here, we investigate structure-activity relationships in a synthetic library of novel small molecules in antimicrobial activity. 

Molecular Oncology: Pharmacophores in Tubulin-Binding Antiproliferative Agents

Several natural product  have been shown to attenuate the growth of tumor cells by blocking mechanisms of the mitotic spindle in rapidly dividing cells. Here, we incorporate natural product screening and de novo molecular design to engineer the next generation of potentially antiproliferative agents towards anti-cancer drugs. 

Molecular Neuroscience: Understanding Signal Transduction Pathways in Neuron Clusters

Description coming soon!