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All classes incorporate both lecture sessions, where students learn theoretical concepts and problem-solving strategies in a classroom setting, as well as laboratory sessions, where students then apply those concepts learned in class to practical applications.


Courses offered for Summer 2016:


AP Chemistry

AP Biology

AP Physics

AP Computer Science

10th Grade Chemistry

9th Grade Biology

Algebra 2/Trigonometry






All lessons are planned in conjunction with the classes offered in Fremont Unified School District and/or the College Board, and are based on the textbooks used in FUSD. Academic excellence is of top priority, and the intructor(s) will do their best to ensure a top-quality educational experience. There are a total of 14 lecture sessions per class divided based on topic. 


Students learn best when given the chance to apply concepts in a laboratory setting. The labs are designed with safety in mind, and are both rigorous and analytical. For AP classes, the labs are directly correlated with the College Board's recommendations. Students in all classes will get a chance to gain experience using state-of-the-art equipment and learn common laboratory techniques. All necessary safety eqipment will be provided, and a catalogue of equipment and reagents can be distributed upon parental request.






At the end of each course, students will take a final exam that is representative of the actual high school course to keep students accountable for learning the material and to assess the effectiveness of the course. For AP classes, the final exam will incorporate previous years' AP exam questions. The final class will be spent going over the final exam and answering any questions that remain.

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