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Program overview

  • For Biomedical Research, students receive lab-based instruction and conduct hands-on experiments on Saturdays from 1-5 pm. For the first part of the program, students perform college-level biology and chemistry experiments while learning the science behind each experiment. In the second part of the program, students take the procedures they have learned and design their own scientific research project. They then complete this research project and write/present their results.

    • The goal of the program is to help students get ahead of the curve and learn how to think scientifically. Students will become familiar with advanced biomedical research techniques. Students can also produce research that can be successfully submitted to journals or science competitions.

  • Students are taught by research advisors who are experts in the field (see below).

  • Students work in groups of 5 or fewer students. There is a maximum of 15 students enrolled in each track. Students are mentored and supervised by one research advisor and one laboratory technician.

Timeline and tuition

  • The research program will run 16 weeks in Spring 2020. The program will start on Feb 1, 2020 and run until May 30, 2020. The program will run each Saturday from 1-5pm except April 11, 2020 and April 18, 2020, where there will be a break.

  • A student research symposium with posters and oral presentations is tentatively scheduled for June 6, 2020 (subject to change).

  • A program tuition of $1,200 for each student is charged per semester (16 weeks). This tuition covers all expenses, including research mentorship, lab use, research and equipment costs, safety training, laboratory supervision, publication and writing mentorship, publication submission guidance, and more. There are no other costs or fees.

Laboratory & equipment

We provide students with advanced lab spaces that house over $1M worth of research-grade instrumentation and equipment. All lab equipment and materials are provided -- these are apparatus that high school students usually don't have access to! Our state-of-the-art laboratory is at the level of many biotech companies and college laboratories. For detailed information on our facilities, please see here.


Research advisors

Our carefully chosen research advisors are ​experts in their fields and have experience conducting research and mentoring high school students. They design and supervise research projects and love to mentor motivated students. CAS advisors all demonstrated high performance in previous research mentorship positions.

Researcher at Stanford University working in a biomedical research laboratory. Very familiar with research techniques in the biomedical and life sciences. Previously did research on molecular and cell biology and published a paper on cancer biology at a UCLA laboratory. Also interned at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center, received the Whitcome Research Fellowship, and served as a Research Ambassador at UCLA. Graduated with honors from UCLA with a degree in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology. A Bay Area native, he has been involved in Boy Scouts since the age of 12 and he enjoys educating and empowering students in the life sciences.  

Biomedical Research

Peter Le

Thulasi has 15 years of expertise in leading and mentoring security design & development for Consumer Devices and Embedded systems. She is passionate in building Linux OS security, iOS/Android Mobile App hardening tools with proficiency in Cryptography, Cloud security & Multimedia processing. She has a MSCS in Computer Science & BS in Mathematics and Applied Physics from University of Paris.


Thulasi Jeganathan

Research tracks and curriculum

There is a track in Biomedical Research and in Robotics. 

Biomedical Research

Please click here to see the syllabus for Biomedical Research.


Robotics and sensors with Sphero RVR: Get a head start in autonomous robotics with the revolutionary Sphero RVR, a programmable robot that's ready to drive right out of the box. With a diverse range of sensors, a professional-level control system, and a powerful motor complete with all-terrain treads, the Sphero RVR is a highly customizable bot. See where your imagination will take it!

Prerequisites: Ability to work in a team. Each student will be provided with an individual computer and robot, but will complete challenges in groups.

In this course, you will:

  • Use Sphero RVR to learn coding and robotics engineering

  • Program your robot to complete various tasks 

  • Create basic AI behaviors

  • Develop problem-solving skills

  • Participate in group research project with a poster presentation


Applying to the program

Students must be selected to join the program through a selective admissions process. We are looking for students who are dedicated and driven, who can demonstrate knowledge, inquisitiveness, and problem solving skills. Quality over quantity is emphasized, so that CAS can offer the most benefit to its students, while advisors find their mentorship to be maximally rewarding. You will have the ability to apply into specific research groups.

Application deadline: Jan 28, 2020 at 11:59 pm. Apply online hereAdmissions is rolling, so apply as early as possible. 


If you are admitted to the program, you will gain tremendous opportunity to learn advanced concepts and procedures, and also produce work that can possibly receive awards at regional/state/national/international science fair competitions. You will learn to think like a scientist and plan your own experiments. Such achievements can catapult you into rarified air among all middle school students in the world, giving you a very unique and powerful tool as you grow older and enter high school. Students will also have the opportunity to ask their CAS research advisors for strong letters of recommendation for elite summer programs and other opportunities in the coming years. What you learn here will become your foundation as your knowledge compounds, eventually helping you gain admission to the world’s best universities, and nurture your intellectual abilities to their fullest potential.

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