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The new face of Fremont STEM.
As of April 2023, Fremont STEM is formally acquired by Olive Children Foundation, a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. With this transfer in oversight comes a re-envisioning of our mission, vision, and role in serving the students in our community. What has not changed is our commitment to the highest standards of teaching and of education. Read more here.

Inspiring Excellence in Every Student.

Mission & Vision

1. Education for all.

Exceptional teaching should not come at an exceptional cost. We're firm believers that finances should never, ever be a barrier to getting the academic help that our students need. Therefore, in keeping with our new spirit as a nonprofit, we maintain a radical commitment to keeping fees & costs to a bare minimum.

2. Excellence in teaching.

We are committed to recruiting and maintaining instructors who teach out of expertise and passion. We're not merely tutors. We are subject experts - scientists and engineers who desire to share their love of STEM with their students, whether it be in chemistry, biology, or mathematics.

3. Educating the whole person.

We desire to do more than prepare our students for exams or help students on homework problems. We're here to mentor students on applying themselves to be the best they can be - to be both lifelong learners and societal leaders. 


Come join us this summer! Please use the link above to enroll in courses for the summer


Fremont STEM is a distinct organization from our colleagues at the Aspiring Scholars Directed Research Program and plays no role in the admissions process at ASDRP. However, we resonate with the teaching and mentorship philosophy of our cross-town colleagues at ASDRP. Please visit for more information.


This is under construction! Check back in June 2023 for updated details.

Fremont STEM Consulting
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