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Dantara Research Group @ ASDRP

Engineering Solutions with Molecular & Systems Biology



Hiral Dantara, M.S.

Research Advisor

Department of Biological and Life Sciences


Hiral is an Experienced Professional with more than 10+ years of corporate, research and academic experience under her belt. A Masters degree in Biotechnology and her profile as an Asst. Professor at R.Ruia Senior College (College of Excellence, India) has led her to emerge as one of the most outstanding Teaching and Mentoring faculty. She has catered to the Research & Development sector in the cutting edge field of Cellular and Molecular Biology, Immunodiagnostics, Plant Sciences, Cancer Biology, Bioprocess technology etc in renowned corporate giants like Reliance Lifesciences, Krishgen Biosystems, Nicholas Piramal & many more. She has also guided many academic and research projects that were portrayed at University level. Her recent expertise encompasses working as a Scientific Project Manager in the CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing technology; managing and creating disease models and isogenic cell line projects in Stem cells, Cancer cell lines,  iPSCs, ES cells etc at Applied StemCells Inc and Synthego Corporation, CA.  Her penchant for teaching, ability to satisfy the curiosity of young minds has widened her horizons and she is also a loved Science teacher at Bay Area Gurukul, CA. She has also involved herself as an active member and Volunteer for NGOs like World wild Life Fund (WWF) and JCNC, Milpitas, CA.

Genetic Engineering

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Molecular Biology

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Cellular and Systems Biology

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Test Tubes

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Research Areas

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