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ASDRP 2018 Expo

On August 26, 2018, we welcomed family, friends, community members, and interested parties to join us at the ASDRP Expo, titled the Fremont Youth STEM Research Symposium, in Warm Springs in Fremont, CA. Over 100 students showcased their scientific research and over 300 community members attended the event, including members of the Fremont Board of Education. We enjoyed learning about student research and hearing from distinguished guest speakers.

Plenary Session

We welcomed our distinguished keynote speaker:

Dr. Sonia Khan, M.D.

Poster Session

Each ASDRP research group prepared a poster. Students discussed their work in the poster session.

Breakout Session

Nine selected groups gave oral presentations on their research projects.


We officially concluded the inaugural ASDRP cohort and celebrate the completion of ASDRP Communications. We heard from Dr. Yang Shao, Ph.D. as a closing speaker.

Spanning 3 hours, the 2018 Fremont Youth STEM Research Symposium showcased original scientific research in various STEM fields completed by junior high and high school students throughout the South and East Bay Area. Approximately 100 high school students conducted research across 30 research projects in a wide array of STEM fields. The Symposium showcased the students’ novel results to their peers, parents, community, and friends. Importantly, these scientific projects conducted by students are original research with cutting edge results, completed on $200,000+ worth of research equipment with highly qualified research mentors, and are not traditional “science lab” projects whose results are known a priori. This was a great opportunity for high school students to be exposed to genuine research, scholarship, peer review, scientific reading and writing, and scientific presentation at a young age before college. Community members joined us in the beginning of a wonderful journey for these young scientists.

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