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Maximize your summer.

A Classroom Lecture

 Summer Classes 

Get on top of your [academic] game. Affordable STEM classes taught by qualified faculty, ranging in subjects from chemistry, physics, and biology to calculus, algebra, computer science, and speech & debate.

Contact: (General Inquiries) (Payment)  

Phone: 1(510)497-0421

Experimenting in Lab

 Summer Research 

The Aspiring Scholars Directed Research Program (ASDRP) is a 501(c) nonprofit summer program under Olive Children Foundation, operated by Fremont STEM, aimed at immersing high school students in cutting-edge STEM research. Applications close on April 11, 2020.


Program Directors:

Jimmy Qian

David Linnevers

College Campus

 College Consulting 

Want to get a leg up on college applications, test preparation, and application consulting? We can help make it happen. Check out what makes us different, and how we can help. 



Make the most of your summer experience.

Dedicated Faculty & Staff

It's simple. Our faculty and staff care about your student's success and intellectual development. Your student's success and well-being is our penultimate goal. 

Our instructors have graduated from or currently attend several top academic institutions, including Stanford, UC Berkeley, UPenn, Princeton, UCLA, USC, UC San Diego, and many more. Additionally, several of our instructors hold or currently pursue advanced master's and doctorate degrees (Ph.D., M.D., J.D., M.S., M.A.).

We're real people who do real things, aiming to make a real difference in your student's scholastic journey, through teaching, research, and consulting.

Unique Programs

Here at Fremont STEM, we are big fans of integrative learning. That is, we not only aim to make a difference in the classroom but also to move beyond the classroom in inspiring today's high school students to be tomorrow's leaders, scholars, innovators, and change-makers. 

Fremont STEM operates an in-house research program that integrates learning with the real world. Find out more about ASDRP here

Affordable Cost

There are dozens of places that charge thousands of dollars - here at Fremont STEM, we don't believe quality STEM education should be so! 

All Fremont STEM courses are priced with affordability and accessibility in mind. There are numerous discounts available, and every year Fremont STEM issues many full and partial financial aid awards. 

Teacher Assisting a Student
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